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Brand Story

Learn more about the story behind the logo and rallying message of the Games.

The Circle of Inclusion

In crafting our distinctive logo, we prioritized authenticity and inclusivity. To achieve this, we collaborated with an advisory council comprising over 30 athletes and coaches. Their voices served as the guiding force, allowing us to translate their sentiments into poignant illustrations that reflect both the Special Olympics athlete experience and the unique identity of our host state, Minnesota.

This emblematic “Circle of Inclusion” is a mosaic of 10 different sentiments, each with its own story. These sentiments form the foundation of our logo, symbolizing unity and diversity within the Special Olympics community. Some icons resonate directly with the athlete experience, while others pay homage to Minnesota’s state identity. Learn more about the meaning behind the logo in the video below!

  1. Bridge: As a common sight across our host state with many rivers, bridges connect people and are a testament to forging lifelong connections and traversing adversity together.
  1. Water: Water is our Minnesota-rooted element, something the Land of 10,000 Lakes knows a thing or two about. It’s both a nod to Minnesota’s natural beauty and to all the water sports that we enjoy here.
  1. Trees: The state’s towering forests stand tall, supporting our athletes, as well as serving as a fitting landscape and perfect backdrop for the many outdoor sports being held at the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games.
  1. People: People are the heart and soul of Special Olympics! Through inclusive competition, the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games brings together thousands of people from all over the country to celebrate unity and to lift up athletes.
  1. Athlete: To be a Special Olympics athlete is to rise above limitations and challenge misconceptions about those with intellectual disabilities. We celebrate their strength and determination and their participation in the USA Games.
  1. Hearts: The athletes, coaches, and volunteers of Special Olympics lead with their hearts; it is at the core of everything they do. Hearts are meant to represent that essential spirit, as well as the idea of being joyful and welcoming.
  1. Torch: The torch, celebrating themes of courage and diversity, represents the vigor and fiery passion of the athletes striving to achieve their fullest potential.
  1. Stars: It is only fitting that stars–symbols of excellence and achievement–be used when 4,000 athletes convene in the North Star State for the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games, each athlete shining brightly as they shoot for the stars!
  1. Flame: The tradition of the single flame, symbolizing hope, ignites communities around the country to unite around shared passion, courage, and diversity during the Special Olympics USA Games.
  2. Special Olympics Logo: At the center are five figures in a unifying circle, representing the iconic and global Special Olympics brand.

The imagery within the “Circle of Inclusion” brilliantly articulates the Special Olympics mission of inclusion. Each element within the circle contributes to a holistic representation, conveying the power of unity and collective purpose. Together, they create something truly beautiful—a symbol that embodies the heart and soul of Special Olympics.

Coloring Book: We appreciate and value everyone’s unique skills, whether you prefer coloring inside or outside the lines! Click here to download the official 2026 USA Games logo coloring book!

calling all champions_2.4x1.png

The rallying message for the 2026 USA Games, “Calling All Champions,” resonates with the unrivaled spirit and determination that defines the Special Olympics movement. It represents more than just a competition; it’s an unparalleled opportunity to ignite new energy and leave a lasting legacy of positive change.

When athletes wake up at dawn, practice tirelessly and determinedly push through the moments when everything in them wants to give up, they answer the call. When coaches inspire, when parents uplift, when supporters on the sidelines cheer with their whole chest, they answer the call. When volunteers, partners and our community take action to boldly set a more inclusive future in motion, they answer the call.

When we unify at the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games, we’re all champions.

Will you answer the call?

Join us in creating a legacy of unity, diversity, and positive change. Together, we are the champions of the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games.

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