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Social Media Community Standards

Last Updated: August 16, 2023

The 2026 Special Olympics USA Games is a celebration of everything Special Olympics represents: inclusivity, changing perceptions, and the ability of the human spirit to rise above limitations and unite people from around the world as only sports can. Thank you to all for supporting this mission!

We are grateful for all members of this community, and we encourage you to share comments, photos, and videos. Please follow Special Olympics language guidelines which you may refer to here.

For members to feel safe, supported, and ensure a great experience, please follow the community guidelines below.

  • Positivity rules: We are a “glass-half-full” community and believe a positive mindset can change the world. Always go high!
  • Be kind and respectful: Treat others how you want to be treated. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, and any other discrimination.
  • Celebrate abilities and accomplishments: A kind comment can mean so much. We will remove any inappropriate or offensive posts.
  • Do not solicit or spam: This includes self-promotion, unsolicited direct messages, spamming, links to other pages or offers, etc. This type of post is to be removed and could lead to being banned from the page.
  • No phishing or other scams: Any actions or behavior designed to take advantage of others in the community will be reported and is strictly forbidden.
  • Zero tolerance for bullying or harassment: We encourage healthy conversation, and debate is natural - we expect kindness and respect in all interactions.

Please understand that community comments and posts do not represent the opinions of the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games or Special Olympics.

When requested by an athlete, Program, or Special Olympics, we will promptly remove an athlete’s photo.

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