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Get involved and help make history, as the 2026 USA Games will be the largest humanitarian event held in Minnesota.

Thanks to Senator Amy Klobuchar for her continued support of the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games and for her work on behalf of disability rights and the mission of the Special Olympics. Listen to her remarks in the video below:

Embrace the Spirit of Inclusion: Get Involved with the 2026 USA Games!

The 2026 Special Olympics USA Games will gather thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities from across the nation and provide them the opportunity to showcase their incredible talents and revel in the joy of competing on a national stage. As such, an event of this magnitude is going to require a lot of support from people like you who are looking to embrace the spirit of inclusion and get involved to make the 2026 USA Games a resounding success. Whether you’re eager to donate your time and energy as a volunteer or envision aligning your brand’s values with a powerful message by becoming a partner, the 2026 USA Games offer a unique chance to be part of something truly extraordinary. Explore the avenues through which you can engage in this unforgettable experience and play a role in shaping a more inclusive and empathetic world!

Experience Volunteering

Becoming a volunteer for the 2026 USA Games is a remarkable opportunity to contribute to a truly inspiring event that celebrates the power of determination, inclusion, and athletic achievement. As a volunteer, you’ll be an essential part of the Games’ success. Your role might involve assisting with event logistics, helping athletes navigate the venues, or even officiating some of the sports. Volunteering at the Games isn’t just an act of kindness–it’s a chance to experience the transformative impact of sports on individuals and communities. By dedicating your time and energy to the success of the Games, you can play a significant role in making this event an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. For more information on the volunteer process, including what kinds of volunteer roles will be available and how to sign up, click the “Volunteer” page below.

Partnering with Purpose

Partnering with the 2026 USA Games offers you the unique opportunity to align your brand or organization with the powerful message of the Inclusion Revolution. By joining forces with the Games, you’re demonstrating your commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Your partnership can take various forms, from financial contributions that help fund the event’s logistics and infrastructure to providing in-kind resources and expertise that enhance the overall experience. In return, your brand will gain exposure to a diverse and engaged audience, both locally and nationally. Your involvement will be celebrated not only as a demonstration of corporate social responsibility but also as a testament to your dedication to creating a more inclusive society. For more information on the partnership process, click the “Partnerships” page below.

Thousands of shifts need to be filled to make the 2026 USA Games the best yet!
Partners play a vital role in making the 2026 USA Games a world-class event.
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