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First introduced to the Special Olympics sports lineup in 1972 at the World Games in Los Angeles, gymnastics combines strength, agility, grace, and endurance. Gymnastics is also offered as a Unified sport, and more than 2,500 athletes and Unified partners train and compete each year. At the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games, we plan to offer a total of 9 events, including vaulting, floor exercise, all-around, pommel horse (men only), rings (men only), parallel bars (men only), horizontal bar (men only), uneven bars (women only), and balance beam (women only).

How It’s Performed:
Artistic gymnastics is performed on a floor mat or apparatus such as the vault, uneven bars, balance beam (for women), and floor exercise (both men and women). Each event showcases different skills and techniques. Gymnasts compete individually in each event and also in the all-around, where their scores across all events are combined. Routines are judged by two panels: the D (Difficulty) Panel and the E (Execution) Panel. The D Panel determines the start value based on difficulty, bonuses, and neutral deductions, while the E Panel evaluates execution and amplitude, applying specific deductions. Scores are averaged or adjusted based on the number of judges. Artistic gymnastics requires dedication, flexibility, and impeccable technique, making it a truly breathtaking spectacle for audiences.

Gymnastics will be held in the Maturi Pavilion at the University of Minnesota.
Special Olympics is all about inclusion–it’s all about celebrating everyone’s abilities, their passions, their drive, their dedication–so please help us celebrate all of these athletes as they come to compete in gymnastics!
Shawn Johnson East.jpeg
Shawn Johnson East, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist
Stats About Gymnastics
Over 50 athletes are anticipated to represent
their state at the 2026 USA Games!
men’s events
Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vaulting,
Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar, and All-Around.
women’s events
Vaulting, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam,
Floor Exercise, and All-Around.

Information regarding the schedule of gymnastics events will be published as we get closer to the 2026 USA Games. Be sure to check back here at a later date!


The results of the gymnastics events will be posted here following the completion of each event. Be sure to check back here at a later date!

Scenes from Gymnastics
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