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Seann DeMaris

Senior Vice President, Sports

Seann DeMaris is the Senior Vice President of Sports for the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games. As a 20-year sports industry veteran, Seann served most recently as Vice President of Programs for Special Olympics Iowa, overseeing state competitions. Furthermore, Seann served as a dedicated member of the LOC for the inaugural 2006 Special Olympics USA Games in Ames, IA. Now, 20 years later, Seann is stepping up to the plate once again to help create another unforgettable event!

In addition to an education in kinesiology and sports science, Seann was General Manager of Sports Force Parks in Sandusky, OH, a leading sports tourism business focused on the development of youth sports complexes and softball/baseball/soccer tournament productions and spent 16 years with the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau as Director of Sports.

My hopes and dreams for the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games are to provide everyone with an overall fantastic experience that leaves them with a “WOW” moment!

The opportunity provided by Special Olympics to be a part of a movement that is bigger than oneself is very important to Seann. He hopes that, with his involvement, the 2026 USA Games are able to bring forward an overall fantastic experience that leaves everyone with a truly “WOW” moment, and gives the athletes the feeling that they are valued as they showcase their abilities through competition.

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