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Meka White Morris

EVP of Revenue, CBO, Minnesota Twins
2026 USA Games Board Member

Meka White Morris will conclude her senior leadership tenure with the Minnesota Twins in April to become the new executive vice president of revenue and CBO for the Chicago Bears, where she will oversee corporate sponsorships, revenue optimization, strategic planning and innovation for the franchise. Meka is an influential executive and leader for inclusive sports as a former college athlete who believes that all people should have access to play and compete at the highest level, including those with disabilities.

My hopes and dreams for the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games are to show the world just how special of a community the Twin Cities is, as well as the warmth, care, and love we exhibit to fellow Minnesotans and beyond.

With her sights on 2026, Meka looks forward to to joining her Minnesota friends as we showcase the warmth, care and love that defines Minnesota by transforming a once divisive perception into a symbol of collective strength and inclusivity.

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