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Will Smith

Special Olympics New York Athlete
2026 Special Olympics USA Games Board Member & Athlete Advisory Council Member

Will Smith, a dedicated advocate and seasoned athlete, proudly serves as an Athlete Representative for the 2026 USA Games and Program/Development Specialist for Special Olympics New York. Hailing from Brewster, New York, Will has been an integral part of the Special Olympics community for an impressive 25 years, demonstrating his commitment not only as an athlete but also as an official, staff member, coach, and athlete leader.

My hopes and dreams for the 2026 Special Olympics USA Games are to create the most inclusive and participatory event for everyone involved.

Will’s athletic journey intertwines with his twin sister, Becky, also a Special Olympics competitor. A standout moment for Will was attending the 2022 USA Games in Orlando, where he served as an athlete and coach for Athletics while Becky competed in Unified Bowling. This shared experience epitomizes the Special Olympics spirit, fostering cherished memories and reinforcing the power of inclusion. Looking ahead to the 2026 USA Games, Will aspires to create the most inclusive and participatory event, envisioning a joyful celebration of ability for everyone involved.

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