Yoli Shields

Yoli Shields

Special Olympics Georgia Athlete
2026 Special Olympics USA Games Athlete Advisory Council Member

Yoli Shields has been an enthusiastic competitor involved with Special Olympics Georgia for 13 years, and there is nothing that she loves more about it than the people she gets to interact with as a result, especially her fantastic coaches. The sports Yoli primarily participates in are swimming and bocce.

My hopes and dreams for the 2026 USA Games are to be able to represent Team Georgia once again!

A high point in Yoli’s time with Special Olympics thus far has been the opportunity to participate in the 2022 USA Games in Orlando, where she competed as a swimmer, helped film a commercial for ESPN, and flew in a private jet. All of this has Yoli looking forward to 2026, where she hopes to be able to compete in the USA Games and represent Team Georgia once again.

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