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Sulynnette Vega-Ledesma

Sulynnette Vega-Ledesma

Special Olympics Alaska Athlete
2026 Special Olympics USA Games Athlete Advisory Council Member

Sulynnette Vega-Ledesma is a spirited Special Olympics Alaska athlete, sharing about 8 years of experience and dedication to the cause alongside her brother, Leonel. She loves what Special Olympics has brought to her life, crediting the people in the community with understanding her and helping her to grow as a person. Passionate about various sports, her favorites include snowboarding, athletics, and figure skating.

My hopes and dreams for the 2026 USA Games are to be selected to compete and grow as an athlete.

Her journey reached new heights at the 2022 USA Games, where Sulynnette not only participated but also secured gold, silver, and bronze medals in athletics. This memorable experience fuels her aspirations for the 2026 USA Games, where she hopes to be selected for athletics or swimming, aspiring to clinch more gold medals for Team Alaska. Beyond sports, Sulynnette is a multi-talented individual with a variety of both creative and athletic hobbies. As she pursues her dreams, Sulynnette envisions a future as a fashion designer, combining her creative passions with her commitment to personal and athletic growth.

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